Welcome to “all about Speaking Success”.

"You never achieve success unless you like what you are doing."
Dale Carnegie

I’m Don E. Smith - The Speech Wiz.

I am extremely passionate about speaking and helping you become the most successful speaker you can be. Through my work with high-level executives and in my coaching practice I have learned a lot about the do’s and don’ts of speaking and success.

I am writing this blog so I can share my insights on both Speaking and Success; how they are not only related, but are fully intertwined.

This blog is for you if…

  • You’d like to vanquish fear and approach each speaking opportunity with a success mindset.
  • You speak as part of your job and what to do it better.
  • You want to be seen as a trustworthy, thoughtful, and passionate person.
  • You are looking to create a higher level of influence and impact in what you say.
  • Your message does not inspire, motivate or impact your audience.

My goal is to educate, stimulate and motivate you with insights on becoming more successful at speaking and other life endeavors. I trust you will both enjoy and learn from the content I share in each post.

To your speaking success,