Thinking Success

The Speech Wiz Shares a Simple Way You Can Create a Positive Mindset by Exchanging One Simple Word for Another

Gratitude is a powerful life-force. It is the verbal equivalent of chicken soup. If you use it in your life, it cannot hurt. I cannot think of a single instance in my life when someone expressed their gratitude to me and it did not have a positive effect, and vice versa. Gratitude is what we share with others when we are pleased by what they have done. You can convey your gratitude to someone for a job well done, a favor performed, or steadfast support of what matters to you. But, I’d like to challenge the habit of having “An Attitude of Gratitude” when we speak to ourselves.

Can you afford to ignore the value in the hidden segments of diversity when leading and speaking?

From the classroom to the boardroom to the factory floor to virtually every corner of our modern world everyone is clamoring for more and more diversity. Is this a good thing or a bad thing?

I have developed, managed and facilitated diversity programs and training. While doing so, I have seen both its benevolent and malevolent sides. While I continue to applaud diversity, as both a business and social strategy, I do so with a profoundly deeper understanding today than I did several years ago.

How to achieve success with the genius of “The Three Principles”.

In most crimes, the solution rests on three things; means, motive and opportunity. There is no greater mystery than the unfolding of your life. And just like a good mystery, it also centers itself around means, motive and opportunity. Every human being who has ever desired to change the future, improve their skills, or build their self-esteem has confronted these three things by engaging the “The Three Principles of Success”.

Do you know how to unlock the unlimited power of IF?

Do you know how to unlock the unlimited power of IF?

The human mind, and maybe its spirit too, has a tendency to impose limiting language on itself as a built-in defense mechanism against disappointment. Part of this mechanism is fueled by a perceived fear of self-exposure. Most people will not judge you as harshly as you judge yourself. Overcoming this limiting behavior is a matter of Trust. The more you have in yourself, the more willing you’ll be to explore all sorts of possibilities.

Who is responsible for HOPE?

Who is responsible for HOPE?

Hope is a frivolous expectation devoid of action. Hope without action is delusional dreaming. It is vapor-ware of the heart, a well-intended promise that is empty of potential and realization.

If you want to take responsibility for what you hope for in life, I urge you to take a “leap of Faith”, earn your Trust and stop being a “hope-aholic”.