The Speech Wiz shares an insight on being a transformational speaker.

Lots of people attend self-help motivational presentations every year. Some folks do this year in and year out. And yet, there they remain stuck in place. Sometimes, the only thing that actually transforms is a declining balance in their bank account. Inspirational speeches can show “What” is possible for you to achieve. Motivational speeches can clarify “Why” it is important for you to achieve a goal. Without the key “How” you can get from a truly Transformational speech, you’d be stuck without a clue how to achieve your goal.

All of the insights and wisdom in the world will not help you achieve a single thing if you do not know how to put them to work for you. That is what makes transformational speaking such a powerful communication form. Transformational speaking brings the What and the Why into the potentially attainable by engaging the listener in the How they desperately seek.

The Speech Wiz shares an insight on being a motivational speaker.

There is a phenomenon in the small business start-up world called “The Wall”. It is a moment someplace between the second and fifth year of a new business when the founder begins to lose enthusiasm for the business. The money, the fulfilling work, and the independent spirit that attracted the founder begins to fade behind a myriad of stuff like paperwork, staffing, and the grind of doing the same thing day in and day out. In short, the founder has lost hold of their “Why”. They do not see the importance of opportunity that once motivated them to step out, take a leap of faith and seize control of their future.

Motivational speaking is the art of helping people see and concentrate on why something is important for them to achieve. Motivation is about translating the importance of opportunity into why they will believe in. If, as a speaker or leader, you cannot help your audience connect to their underlying motivation for doing something, you will have little if any influence on them.

In this blog post I will share some insights on being a Motivation Speaker and the importance of helping your audience discover the importance of opportunity inside the Why they should be motivated to achievement.

The Speech Wiz shares an insight on being an inspirational speaker.

We speak to achieve one of three outcomes – to inform, to persuade and to entertain. We lead to achieve one of three outcomes – to help others succeed, to be an agent of change, and to fulfill a collective purpose or promise.

Speaking and leadership have a great deal in common. Chief among these is the ability to influence others. In the speaking world, there are Three Types of Influential Speakers – Inspirational (What is possible), Motivational (Why it is important) and Transformational (How can you achieve it). Each has its own underlying purpose and fulfills a different need for the listener. In this blog post I will share some insights on being an Inspirational Speaker and the challenge of What.

The Speech Wiz says, “Your Success will either DIE or LIVE on How You’re Thinking” - Part II

I often hear people espouse about this dream and that dream and how they will, “Achieve it because they believe it!” Goody for them. Having a dream is a good start toward achieving the possibility of your promise. But, dreams can be misleading. What is a dream? It’s vaporware at best. You can’t hold it or mold it. A dream is born of your unconscious mind’s need to express a combination of experiences both vividly imagined and real into a synthesis that, for a fraction of time, makes sense.

If you want to use a dream as a platform for launching your toward reaching the possibility of your promise you will need to take it to the next step; converting your dream into a desire. Your success in converting that desire into a reality will L.I.V.E. on How You’re Thinking when you engage the Natural Allies of Promise as a framework for desire-based thinking.

The Speech Wiz says, “Your Success will either DIE or LIVE on How You’re Thinking”

As either a speaker or leader, the possibility of your success is ever present, ever changing, and never ending. The one certain thing I know, is that you will take and remain in control of that success potential when you discover how to define and refine your success mindset. The seeds of success must be planted and nurtured in the mind of the achiever if they are to have any possibility of taking root and reaching maturity.

If you’re looking for the most direct route to achieving success, look between your ears. Examine your current state of thinking toward your destination and become intimately aware of both the natural Enemies and the Allies of your promise.

The Speech Wiz shares, “How to Grow Your Speaking Voice through Respect.”

I feel safe in venturing that few, if any, of us wake up each morning with the singular goal of, “Gee, what stupid things can I do today and still live to tell about it?” Yet, we manage to do more stupid than brilliant things without really trying. The fact that we are not aware of our own propensity for stupidity may be more of a curse than a blessing. The fortunate end of this is that most often the stupid things we do are little things which, when taken individually, have little or no effect on our life each day. Yet day after day we still do the stupid without regard to the cumulative effect it has on our lives as a whole. While some consider doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result to be a definition of insanity, I like to think of it a dose of good ole homegrown stupidity. This type of behavior will eventually call into question the foundation of Respect we have for yourself.