The Speech Wiz introduces “The ABC's of Executive Speaking”

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“Be sincere; be brief; be seated.”
Franklin D. Roosevelt

In my practice, The Speech Wiz, I coach executives on how they can become high level speakers and leaders. Many of my clients get to speak in a variety of settings from boardrooms to conferences, webinars to meetings, and more. Over the years, I have learned from my clients that the type of speaking they do is highly driven, temporal, and critical to the success of their businesses, organizations and careers. I have also learned that what they do is not classic public speaking but a leadership style that relies heavily on their ability to convey authenticity, practice brevity and demonstrate the highest level of clarity regarding the content and purpose of their speaking.

This knowledge led me to formulate a framework for executive speakers I call “The ABC’s of Executive Speaking”.


Executive Speaking is a category of business communication with high impact, extreme focus, and immediacy. It is most effective when practiced with intention, awareness and skill. Executive speaking is high on content, more relaxed on formality and pivotal to advancing the goals of leadership, policy and engagement. Executive speaking happens whenever and wherever leaders engage their workforce, stakeholders, shareholders, prospects, and customers.


If you are an executive or aspire to become one, the sooner you embrace “The ABC’s of Executive Speaking” the sooner you will reap its benefits. It is no secret that, in the workplace, the fastest and easiest way to distinguish yourself from others is to demonstrate command and use of advanced communication skills.  Employees with advanced communication are regularly promoted from the ranks of workforces around the globe to take on leadership roles, lead initiatives, and foster change and growth.

The leader who engages “The ABC’s of Executive Speaking” framework will lead better meetings, experience the thrill of truly connecting to their audience, and establish increasingly higher levels of trustworthiness and credibility. They will inspire, motivate, and transform those they lead by demonstrating the strength one gets from being genuine, respectful of other’s time, and model the ability to convey important information simply and effectively.

Anyone can command the skills within the “The ABC’s of Executive Speaking” framework. Mastering “The ABC’s of Executive Speaking” does not require an advanced degree, years of experience, or an impressive title. All you need to succeed is awareness of the elements, a desire to elevate your speaking skillset, and the ability to embrace every speaking opportunity that comes your way.


Over the next three blog posts I will be examining each of the elements of “the ABC’s of Executive Speaking” framework. They are Authenticity, Brevity and Clarity. You’re invited to follow these blogs and gain insight into this simple and highly effective framework for becoming a truly effective and impactful executive speaker. If you lead an organization, I encourage you to invite those you lead to follow these blogs as well.

Thanks for your support as a reader of my blog and I eagerly welcome any comments on how you’re thinking about achieving the possibility of your promise.  Also, I would appreciate any suggestions you might have for future posts in this blog on a topic near and dear to you in the comments section below. As always, please feel free to share this post with a friend or colleague.

To Your Speaking Success.
The Speech Wiz