Do you know how to unlock the unlimited power of IF?

Do You Know How to Unlock the
Unlimited Power of “IF

“Align yourself and your thoughts with the possibilities, and with your potential.
Don't be the one who holds you back.” – Akiroq Brost

Have you ever noticed that when you want something big to happen, it is often the little things that stand in the way? There is even an old proverb for small details, “For want of a nail.”

Sometimes the smallest thing that stands between you and getting what you need is the tiny, two-lettered word, “if”.

Have you ever found yourself saying, “If only I had this, I could get that.”? We ask ourselves the “if” question all the time, without fully comprehending the answer to our dilemma lies within the question itself.

If only I could close more sales, I could earn my quarterly bonus.”

If only I could control my appetite, I could lose wait before my cruise vacation.”

If only I could put more effort into my presentations, I would be a better speaker.”

There’s a lot of unlimited power in “if”, but it is just half of the equation. The answer lies in gaining the missing ingredient. Do you know how to unlock it?

What is IF?

When I see a word I ask myself, what is meant by that word and can I find a deeper meaning. I have done this very thing with the tiny word “if”.

The dictionary defines “if” as a condition or supposition that or in the event, something will happen. “If you like I'll put in a word for you.” It also means despite the possibility that something will happen; no matter whether or not. “If it takes me seven years, I shall do it> In either event just saying “if” is cause to believe something will happen.

This all sounds pretty “iffy” to me. Why should such a small word have so much power over our desires and achievements?

So, I looked for a deeper meaning within the word “if” and I found it.

The human mind, and maybe its spirit too, has a tendency to impose limiting language on itself as a built-in defense mechanism against disappointment. Part of this mechanism is fueled by a perceived fear of self-exposure. Most people will not judge you as harshly as you judge yourself. Overcoming this limiting behavior is a matter of Trust. The more you have in yourself, the more willing you’ll be to explore all sorts of possibilities.

The energy we use to build this Trust comes from within us. I call it IF and it stands for Intentional Faith.

What is Your Success Role?

Whether you know it or not, you are a role player. Having a role means you can influence the eventual outcome of any situation. The premise, “Success does not happen by accident,” is a key indicator your intentional actions play a big part in achievement. An intention is a something, mental or physical, of a person's design. Intentions do not grow on trees, cannot be found at a big box store, or up in your attic with your old baseball glove or Lincoln Logs. Intentions are a product of your desire. As such, they can be highly focused, goal-driven strategic components of a success strategy. Your goal as a role player is to control the intensity and frequency of your intentions. “When you have a role, you’re in control.”

Faith, the belief in the unknown, has the ability to magnify the action behind an intention. Record breakers do this all the time. They see a challenge, believe they can achieve it. They apply intention to their training. They intensify and magnify their confidence in a positive outcome. Finally, they put it all together, drawing on the combined energy of Intentional Faith, and conquer their objective.

Cause and Effect

Once you acknowledge you have a role in the outcome you can clearly see the cause and effect relationship in every “if” statement.

For instance:

If only I could close more sales, I could earn my quarterly bonus.”

Closing more sales will earn quarterly bonus

If only I could control my appetite, I could lose weight before my cruise vacation.”

Controlling your appetite will help you lose weight.

If only I could put more effort into my presentations, I would be a better speaker.”

Putting more effort into your presentation will make you a better speaker.

It’s not rocket science, but it is neuroscience. The body achieves what the mind believes. And, you are the cause of it all.

You Living at Cause

Intentional Faith is “You Living at Cause”. It works like this:

  • FAITH builds TRUST

No one ever succeeds by accident!

IF you have a role, you are in control.

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You now know “How to Unlock the Unlimited Power of “IF”. IF – Intentional Faith has so much positive energy. When every action you plan has the full Faith and power of your Intention you will increase your opportunities for success. Speakers know this when they prepare their speeches. World class athletes experience this through the regimen of their practices. Performer live this with every rehearsal of their repertoire.

Don’t wait for success to happen to you by accident. If you do, you’ll never be in control of the outcome. And, “if” will always remain an unanswerable question.

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To Your Speaking Success.
The Speech Wiz

“Success happens when an intention meets or exceeds a reasonable expectation.” Don E. Smith