How you can avoid violating the safety zone of speaking discretion?

Ever since the invention of the cell phone, I find that I am repeated assaulted, exposed, and inundated with more private information than I care to process. A whole lot of it is TMI that I really, really would prefer never to hear. Once, while waiting at the car wash, I heard a complete break-up of a relationship. Who would want to expose this most private detail in a public forum. “Can you hear me now” seems to be more of a strategy than a marketing slogan.

“Yes, I can hear you now. And, frankly, I’d like you to take it down a notch or two or four or even eight.”

From restaurants to theaters to planes, trains and sidewalks more and more people are screaming the details of their private lives at levels loud enough for everybody to hear; two towns over, whether they choose to hear it or not.

If a problem is an opportunity you've yet to solve, then a mistake is just a lesson you've yet to learn.

Let’s face it, humans are not perfect. We make mistakes. Some days a few, other days too many to reckon. But, it is not the mistakes that cause either short or long-term harm. The deepest scars are left by our failure to profit from the experience by making the appropriate changes to our thinking and process.