Are you as fast as the people you are leading or as slow as the people that are dragging behind you?

Most leaders know the pace of their own thinking. They also know a portion of their role is to get out ahead of the current situation and offer visionary thinking. Often, their ideas require those that follow them to think at a matching pace, make the necessary transition from “what is” to “what will be”, and be ready to support their leadership in a timely fashion.

Whether you’re leading a business, a team, or the proverbial “horse to water”, you may discover that you’ll only be as fast as the thinking of your slowest-thinking follower. This relationship produces a phenomenon I call, Leadership Drag.

People who follow decisive thinking leaders generally fall into three types:

  1. No Thinkers

  2. Whoa Thinkers and

  3. Go Thinkers

Developing a clear understanding and appreciation of how each of these thinking styles impacts your leadership ability can help you determine the best ways to approach, cultivate and unleash the thinking styles of those you lead.

Do you know what kind of thinker you are?

Do you know what kind of thinkers are found in the people you lead?

Join me as I explore the three thinking styles of the people you lead.