The Speech Wiz shares an insight on being a motivational speaker.

There is a phenomenon in the small business start-up world called “The Wall”. It is a moment someplace between the second and fifth year of a new business when the founder begins to lose enthusiasm for the business. The money, the fulfilling work, and the independent spirit that attracted the founder begins to fade behind a myriad of stuff like paperwork, staffing, and the grind of doing the same thing day in and day out. In short, the founder has lost hold of their “Why”. They do not see the importance of opportunity that once motivated them to step out, take a leap of faith and seize control of their future.

Motivational speaking is the art of helping people see and concentrate on why something is important for them to achieve. Motivation is about translating the importance of opportunity into why they will believe in. If, as a speaker or leader, you cannot help your audience connect to their underlying motivation for doing something, you will have little if any influence on them.

In this blog post I will share some insights on being a Motivation Speaker and the importance of helping your audience discover the importance of opportunity inside the Why they should be motivated to achievement.