The Speech Wiz Mission
Helping High-level executives to become a speaking success.


The Speech Wiz, founded in 2002 is where High-Level Executives go to become High-Level Speakers including C-suite executives, entrepreneurs, sole practitioners, business owners, pro speakers and rising stars.

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Executive clients succeed at speaking because they identify and develop the three essential elements of speaking success – Content, Organization and Delivery.

  • Content – understanding how you can create an authentic, brief and concise message.
  • Organization - understanding how you can arrange your content so it is audience-centric for maximum effectiveness and retention.
  • Delivery – understanding how you can achieve the fluency and spontaneity of your content that creates a genuine, sincere, and conversational voice.

Executive Speaking Made Easy

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Are you ready to get the recognition, position and influence you deserve by developing the skill of Executive Speaking?

Hardly a day goes by when you are not given the opportunity to express your ideas and grow your influence in the workplace. You can create a strategy for your speaking success that uses classroom and seminar proven proprietary techniques. 

Together, we can transform you into the effective High-Level speaker your organization, team, and customers will appreciate and vigorously support.

High-level Speaking

High-level Speaking is a valuable skill for executives, leaders, and rising stars.

There are a few very effective executive speakers and a whole host of really poor, ghastly, inept speakers. They are not High-level speakers. They show up everywhere. In meetings, conference calls, webinars, training sessions, and celebratory events.

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Why is this happening?

Because most of these people just “show up”. They do not succeed at speaking because they have very little intention of being effective. As speakers, they are grossly unprepared without a thought about how they will connect their content to their audience. They talk because they can, not because they should.

When you are a High-level speakers you are …

  • Authentic - Genuine, Credible, Valid, Legitimate and Trustworthy
  • Brief - Concise, Succinct, Verbally economic, and Compact
  • Certain - Confident, Assertive, and Determined

Speaking Success

“Success is the achievement of an Intention”.

Your level of Speaking Success as a speaker is directly tied to your level of Intention.

Are stuck on your career path just because you can’t effectively articulate your ideas and passion? Do you want to Transform the path of your career through by developing a High-level speaking skill? 

You can become a High-level speaker with the services of The Speech Wiz.

You deserve to become the High-level leader you want to be. High-level speaking is a proven strategy for getting there.

I’m more than happy to talk with you about transforming your executive status through speaking.

All it takes is a little Intention.

Transformationally yours,
- Don E. Smith

"Don has a unique facility for finding your “sweet spot” and crafting language that suits both your style and your purpose. After twenty-five years in business, he has helped me hone a message that simply states why we do what we do and what make us different from our competitors. The impact his coaching has had on my leadership presence and its effect throughout my organization will pay dividends for many years to come."
George Pusser, President, Cornerstone Contracting