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What is an Audience-centric Speaker

If I gave you a recipe for a seven-layer cake you would most likely follow it to the letter.


Because after all of that work, you are salivating for the sweet goodness the recipe promised. You are definitely "going to eat that cake!"

A professional speaker never asks their audience to digest something they have not swallowed as well.

The best professional speakers follow a recipe too. A recipe that creates a memorable, repeatable and delectable presentation. The recipe makes it easy for audience members to digest their speech. These professionals are Audience-Centric speakers because they have learned how to "eat their speech!" before they serve it up to their audiences.

In professional speaking circles Audience-Centric speakers are ROCK STARS!

I help professional speakers create speech content that is story-rich, of high value, and extremely relatable in terms of topic and audience.

We develop authentic material that will inspire, motivate and transform an audience through the fluency of their expertise and the passion for their message.

If you speak for a living or are considering making the jump to a speaking-focused career we should talk.

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Croix Sather

Author, Business Consultant, &
World Champion Athlete

Don has coached me for several events. His advice and recommendations to improve my projects and speeches have been invaluable. He is kind, professional and tough in all of the right ways to create profound improvements in your work.
“The Speech Wiz, helps speakers find their voice of authentic authority, Don E. Smith is passionate about speaking and is filled with awe-­inspiring stories. He coached me for my first on-stage speaking event and can take your speech to the next level.”
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Lisa Jones

Millionaire Medium,
author of "The Art of Living Happy"

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Oscar Romero

Professional Speaker
the "Shy Guy No More"

Even before our first session Don had gone to work. Utilizing my business theme, Don developed a concept that quickly became the new name for my business and face of my brand.
In just a few months working with Don, my keynote platform had surged light years ahead of where I had started.

  • Core Message Development
  • Strategic Deep Thinking

  • Line Extension Development

  • Speaker Marketing

  • Facilitation Training
  • Platform Delivery Techniques

  • Video Training

  • Voice, Diction & Accent correction

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