WizdomSpeaks, founded in 2012, offers the speaking insights and passion of Don E. Smith. Audiences of all types enjoy and absorb the stories, wisdom and strategies he shares through his keynote speeches and breakout sessions. Don resonates with people seeking to know more about achieving success, building relationships, and honing communication strategies.

This excerpt is from Won't Power

"He's a natural pro; very funny and clever. His examples and analogies hit the mark for me." - an attendee

Won’t Power: Honoring the Promise of Your POTENTIAL


In "Won’t Power; Honoring the Promise of Your Potential", transformational speaker Don E. Smith shares a series of stories (personal, ancestral and observational) that will help you energize the attitude and resolve of your aspirations, dreams, and desires. In "Won't Power" you will learn about …

  • Defining the Purpose of Your Desire

  • Discovering Your Passionate Persistence

  • Designing the Promises You Will Not Break

"Won't Power" is about developing a success strategy fueled by focused Intention and driven by Tenacity. "Won't Power" takes you beyond the uncontrollable fickleness of luck and hope and to a world where you can achieve the Promise of Your Potential

"Won't Power" is ideal for…

  • Business Conferences, Retreats & Culture Change

  • Civic Organizations & Trade Associations

  • Entrepreneurs & Professional

  • Academic Institutions & Student Groups

  • Teams & Non-profits


Don E. speaks passionately, from his heart, motivated by personal experiences.

  • His presentations stress the value of intention in building personal communication skills, character and strong relationships.

  • His presentations encourage audiences to re-invent their lives, cultures and businesses through real, lasting transformation.

  • His topics can be modified to meet your presentation needs and delivered as a keynote, workshop or breakout session.

Inspire - Transform - Energize

If you are looking for a dynamic speaker who can inspire your audience, transform their perspective and leave them energized to take action - you owe it to yourself and your organization to contact Don E. to learn more about how "Won't Power" can meet your needs.

Contact Don to learn how he can make your next event a memorable and transformative experience.

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Jeff Davis

Award-Winning Author, TEDx & Keynote Speaker, Authentic Leadership Expert

Don is a powerful and passionate speaker with lots of knowledge and the experience to back his results. Don makes strong connections with his audiences.
Don is an engaging speaker who allows you to look at your journey of success with excitement.
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Sarah Nowlin

Visiting Lecturer & Internship Coordinator at Marist College